Connect Online Exhibition

Welcome to our first online exhibition Connect that explores the theme of connection, something that we are all missing during this time. We have received so many creative expressions of hope, connection with others, the environment, and ourselves.

With submissions from local, national, and international artists this show presents a huge range of work from artists of all ages and abilities. With over 150 works from over 50 artists we hope that the inclusive nature of the exhibition brings joy, beauty, and hope to all who come to visit during these difficult times.

Please use the buttons below to navigate to the individual pages to see the whole show, enjoy!

Exhibiting Artists:

Alan Hopwood / Alan Minshull / Aleydis Nissen / Amanda Drage / Amy Pezzin / Aynur Türk / Ayşegül Türk / Bethany Murray / Bob Black / Chris Rowe / Chris Shaw / Conrad Johnson / Daniela Labosova / Denise Brandrith / Dinah Kazakoff / Emma Donaldson / Fanoulla Georgiou / Francis Salvesen / George W Stewart & Bert Verso / Gill Arthey / Hannah Baxter-Freeman / Hillary Black / Hira Kazmi / Isabelle Taylor / Isabelle Watson / Janusz Kucharski / Joe Stevens / Josephine Sams / Joy Lisa Oliver / Joy Oliver / Kate Thomas / Keeley Page / Kezzabelle Ambler / Lina Avramidou / Marina Papadopoulos / Martin Baldock / Maryam Hemati / Maud Brizard / Mollie Balshaw / Monica Marquez Gatica / Natalja Aleksejeva / Nik Georgiou / Paul Preston / Pybus / Rebecca Morris Knight / Rigatoni Garrido / Sangam Sharma / Scott Coe / Seren Johnstone / Sharon Read / Shusha Walmsley / Sian Dorman / Sonia Panova / Susan Waters / Tereza Yates / Tomas Tea Zitkauskas / Ubu Kung / Violetta Liszka / Violetta Liszka & Miriam Gurd / Warren Shaw / Yasmin Conway / Yota Kuki

Deep in the woods (love in dark places)
Mixed media on canvas, 100 x 60cm

£390 (+p&p)

A walk in the park (Love)
Mixed media on canvas, 100 x 60cm

£390 (+p&p)

Oil on canvas board 23” x 18”

£400 unframed

Rushing in
Acrylic on canvas, 2′ x 2′

£200 unframed

Tropical Ambience
Acrylic on canvas, 2′ x 1′ 6”

Aleydis Nissen

Obsessed With Security
Ink, water colour paint, paper, 25.2 x 17.8 cm


You, Me & Him
Oil over acrylic on panel, 12” x 12″


Eye to Eye – Foxes
Oil over acrylic, 12″ diameter circular panel

£700 pair (£375 each)

The Crimson Leaf
Monotype and collage on newsprint, 21 x 30cm

£55 + p&p

The Moor
Collage, 21 x 21cm

£65 (+p&p)

Star Of Hope
Monotype and collage on newsprint, 21x30cm

£45 + p&p

Aynur Türk

Bodies written with fonts
Digital collage


Bodies written with fonts
Digital collage


Bodies written with fonts
Digital collage


Language and centre
Digital collage

Language and centre
Digital collage

Language and centre
Digital collage

Inner Strength
Mixed media – plaster, varnish, household paint, A1

Solar Plexus
Mixed media – plaster, varnish, household paint, A1

Third Chakra
Mixed media – plaster, varnish, household paint, A1


Love in a time of
pandemic exile, of self.
Presence of mind, life.


Hope, quiet challenge
met with birdsong, and absence.
Speak of dreams, and change.


Counting time, absence
like a riverbed, quiet
and still. Windchimes sound.

Bob Black

Kyparissi Bay, Greece
Watercolour and watercolour pencil on paper, 29.5 x 21cm

Acrylic, sand, and bark, 76.5 x 60cm

Acrylic, cardboard, gravel, 30 x 23cm


They say that there are no atheists on a sinking ship
and, by God, the ship is sinking fast.
It is a challenge to my faith.
Not in some God who seemingly
stands indifferent to our plight
but to science that a solution will be found.
Throw away your rabbit’s paw
Bin your four leafed clover
Get off your knees
Have faith in science.

The Farmer and the Fox
(Or Boris and Dominic)

The cunning fox
evades the hounds
for now
free to wreak
havoc in the hen house.

The farmer,
gun in hand,
looks on.
‘Shoot the fox?
No gway old chap.’

‘Consider the poor fox’
the farmer says
‘He has a cub
to feed.
What’s a dead chicken or two?’

But then he hears the angry protests.
He raises his gun.
I must fulfil my destiny.
Amicus senex vale.


The fire that raged throughout the night
has nearly run its course.
Only the embers remain
glowing in the morning light
to remind us of the time
when we stood helpless
as devastation beyond our control,
beyond our understanding,
ravaged the land.

Acrylic on canvas, 20″ x 16″


Acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″


Sunny Flowers
Acrylic on canvas, 5″ x 7″