RED Online Exhibition

Welcome to the RED Exhibition that explores the theme of the colour of the same name. A colour which is synonymous with so many things in so many cultures and presents a unique creative challenge to explore and identify themes, subjects and relationships with this fundamental colour.

With submissions from local, national, and international artists this show presents a range of work from artists at all stages of their careers. With over 80 works from over 40 artists we hope this exhibition celebrates and challenges the ideas and meanings associated with the colour red.

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Exhibiting Artists:

Abdelhalim Kebieche / Allmuth Bourenane / Amanda Drage / Angela Stanbridge / Ayshia Taskin / Bob Black / Chloe Olivia Sansom / Conrad Johnson / Dan Donovan / David Allen / Denise Brandrith / Dinah Kazakoff / Ed Raybould / Eleonora Tonoli / Emma Price / Fanoulla Georgiou / Glenn Badham / Honorata Chorazy-Przybysz / Jane Bell / Jill Hedges / Jo Cope / Kezzabelle Ambler / Lou Wildish / Maggie Long / Mandy Webb / Mandy-Jayne Ahlfors / Marina Papadopoulos / Marisa Vanschuyver / Martin Baldock / Moussa Bourdine / Pamula Furness / Parker Duma / Paul Preston / Philippa Bandurek Bradbury / Rob Crann / Sally Butcher / Shani Vizma / Sharon Read / Sonia Ben Achoura / Warren Shaw / Yota Kuki

Abdelhalim Kebieche

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Studied Peinture at ‎École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts d’Alger.
I am a friend of the wretched, and so are my colors.

Red II
Acrylic on canvas
90 x 60 cm


Red I
Acrylic on canvas
60 x 90 cm


Acrylic on canvas
150 x 120 cm


Allmuth Bourenane

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Believe me … I am volatile … I believe that only a certain madness can create art !

Red Planet
Dirty acrylic pour
1 x 31x31cm & 2 x 7x7cm


Dirty acrylic flip cup pour on air-dry clay
Set of 20cm, 17cm & 10cm


Acrylic ring pour, semiprecious stones
30 x 40cm


Amanda Drage

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Wildlife and Pet Portrait Artist

Red Snail Shell
Oil painting
5” diameter circular panel


Scarlet Ibis
Oil over acrylic painting
24 x 24″


Angela Stanbridge

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I am a full time artist from Northampton with a studio in Northampton. In 2010 I gained a first class BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art Painting, in 2011 I gained an MA in Fine Art.

The process of transforming paint into images compels and challenges me. Painting fills me with a sense of well-being, a satisfying way to translate visual ideas into physical reality.

My work focusses on flowers, they show everything from the seeds, stem, bud, and blossom, then returning to the earth to begin a new cycle of birth-life-death. I love the endless variety of patterns, shapes, diversity and the intense colours of flowers.

Red Poppy
Oil painting on linen
30 x 30 cm


Dahlia Santa Claus
Oil painting on canvas
40 x 40 cm


Dahlia Weston Spanish Dancer
Oil painting on canvas
75 x 50 cm


Ayshia Taskin

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I am an Intermedia & [Livestream] performance artist interested in the intersection between live performance and technology. My work involves playfulness, experimentation, and contrasts between the serious and non-serious. Liminality, the absurd and concepts of Myth play a role in my thinking process along with participation/collaboration. My performance and moving image work has been shown in Venice [Surfaces Festival] and [The Festival of Contemporary Art] in Athens for Whistle Project, in the USA at Ely Centre for Contemporary Art, Screen-print Biennial and the Trans-cultural Exchange in Boston, Turkey, Netherlands, England and Scotland. My intermedia videos cross between lo-fi and digital media work using video, image & sound distortion techniques like data-splicing.

Moving image with sound

Bob Black

I have taken up art since my retirement. I am interested in exploring abstract and semi-abstract Interpretations of landscapes using different materials.

Acrylic, bark
76 x 61 cm


The Red and the Black
Acrylic and sandpaper
21 x 21 cm


Acrylic, cardboard, grit
30 x 22.5 cm


Chloe Olivia Sansom

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Chloe Olivia is an artist & illustrator based in Cambridgeshire. Her technique switches effortlessly from bold, simplistic, monochromatic lines, to bold, vibrant pools of acrylic ink and watercolour. Her subject matter typically depicts either edgy fashion magazine editorials or still life such as plants and flowers. Chloe graduated from the Univeristy of Northampton in 2012 before embarking on a career within the fashion industry. For years her artistic talent lay dormant until recently when she rekindled her love for painting and drawing.

Wild Poppies
Acrylic ink
30 x 42 cm

(A3 prints available)

Big Red Bow
Watercolour on paper
15 x 21 cm


Conrad Johnson

‘Any scene, whether landscape, portrait, interior, whatever… I see as a pattern of flat shapes, each with a variety of tone, colour and texture, that fit together like a jigsaw… you just have to colour in the shapes you see in front of you… I wish…’ Conrad Johnson was born in South London in 1941. So, after training at Beckenham School of Art, Ravensbourne College of Art and Design, Goldsmiths College, and Leicester University many years ago, I have the paper qualifications to be an artist. I am still working on the practical side…

Reflected Sunset
51 x 26 cm


Red Field
80 x 29 cm


Autumn, Sheringham Park
100 x 47 cm