This June we welcome Bill Drummond to the Rooftop Arts Centre and Corby for the last leg of The 25 Paintings world tour. The paintings have seen twelve cities in twelve different countries each canvas being overpainted in each location. During the display of the paintings in the gallery there will be various happenings and activities taking place in which the public can take part including a Tea Room.

Bill Drummond plans to be working in the gallery each day it is open between 11 am and 4 pm. His work may include Shining Shoes, Baking Cakes, Asking Questions, Building a Bed, Knitting the Million Stitch Blanket, Making Soup, Banging a Drum, Blowing a Horn, Climbing a Tree, Sweeping the Streets, and marking the Latvian midsummer celebrations (Līgosvētki and into Jāņji) from the evening of the 23rd to the dawn of the 24th of June in the woods behind the Cube. And, of course, Twinning Corby with Beyond.

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