About us

Rooftop Arts is a community based not-for-profit charity. Located in the heart of Corby town centre providing artist studios, exhibitions, classes, and events.

Resident Artists

Dinah Kazakoff

Studio 2

Dinah Kazakoff is a 30-year veteran practitioner in visual arts, photography, and design.  Born and educated in Corby she has spent several years studying and working outside Great Britain mainly in the USA.

In the USA Dinah worked in the Public Relations and Communications Department at the world-renowned Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton NJ, as Assistant to the Public Affairs Director. An accomplished photographer her photo work was published in a number of academic and house publications at the Institute.  Her portrait work of scholars such as mathematician John Nash and campus photographs has gained her a number of credits.

For several years she studied under sculptor and artist Pietro del Fabro at his studio in Princeton NJ, refining her talents in oil, acrylic, and water colour painting.

Martin Baldock

Studio 3 & 15

Martin is a multi-disciplinary artist, musician, and writer using both traditional and contemporary media. He likes to explore the properties, and capabilities of materials and technologies, always looking for ways to subvert or mistreat them.

He was born in Kent in 1948 and has always had a creative impulse, a need to express himself via the arts, he is influenced by Rembrandt, Picasso, Duchamp, Pollock, but mainly artists from the postwar period. His literary influences are mainly from the 20th centuary, from poets and songwriters of that era, and the present.

In recent times he has been working with pastel and inks on canvas to make both abstract and figurative work, also using found objects and clay to make 3D works. All of his output is made in response to music, to art history, and to life in general.

His music, is a kind of 21st Century Blues infused with beats, noise, and sound effects, using guitars, synthesisers, samplers, and the spoken word. His musical collaborations include, “The Godmonkey Skyhook Amalgamation”, “The Mighty Pandl”, “The Slackstring Band”, and his own is presented under the monikas “martRox”, “the Mythical DJ”.

He has had some of his poetry published in the collections put together by the Corby Collective Poets.


Warren Shaw

Studio 6

Warren lives and works as an artist and creative freelancer in Corby. In 2009, he received his BA Honours in Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University and has since shown work in London, Oxford and Nottingham and throughout the county.

In 2015 he held his first solo show ‘Sound Forms’ at The Rooftop Arts Centre and later that year moved into Studio 4.

Warren’s work primarily investigates the morphology of human experience through a variety of visual and aural media, resulting in synaesthetic interdisciplinary crossovers, installations and more traditional outcomes.


Dalena Labosova

Studio 8

Daniela R. Labos (MFA, MA) received her MFA in 2015 at the Department of Painting at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia. In 2009 she received an MA as a teacher of Art and Art History at the University of Presov in Slovakia. She studied at the Department of Fine Art at Newcastle University in Newcastle upon Tyne, as well.

In her art practice, Labos works with installations, drawings but primarily with paintings. The core of her artworks are themes from everyday life, from trivial situations, personal observation, or memory traces. Labos builds her paintings basically as abstract or vague environments. These environments can’t be strictly identified on the first view, they are unknown, vague. Paintings have their own roles to allure the audience closer, change the direction of view and then, paintings reveal new insight, tracks, and offer to wander between interspaces. Important is the act of the painting process and the consecutive personal necessity of participating as an accession of the physicality.

Dalena R. Labos is an active artist who regularly participates in exhibitions across the UK, in Europe, or at home in Slovakia. In Rooftop Arts Centre she leads art classes for young artists called ‘Young Creators’.


Instagram @daniela_labosova

Honorata Chorazy-Przbysz

Studio 10

Honorata is an expressive, visual artist working in diverse range of mediums. Her journey into art is intertwined with using art therapeutically. Practising as creative therapist and artist allows her to enter richness of human experiences.

Art serves as a vehicle of journey into self as well as communication with others. Her artistic practice focuses on allowing the realm of emotions as well as transcendence experiences to influence subject matter and the way creative process can evolve. Her way of working is predominantly intuitive based on spontaneous response in the moment to what appears on the paper or canvas. The body of work consists of intuitive abstracts, drawings, expressive human figures and mixed media pieces. The impact of colour is an important element in her art, especially ability to use less traditional combinations for emphasising qualities of subject matter.

Honorata’s beloved art form is visual journaling. These second-hand text books are her visual recording of daily feelings and converted into books of expressive forms.

Honorata works as a registered creative therapist, mentor and community arts facilitator in Northamptonshire and provides group art workshops for different organisations. She is an art tutor for Adult Learning Northamptonshire.

She is a professional member of Creative Counsellors Association and Person-Centred Creative Arts Association where she delivers art sessions for therapists trying to introduce creativity in their practice. She completed post level Creative Arts Therapy and Clay Therapy Training with Bridging Creative Therapies in Cambridgeshire, Award in Teaching and Education and originally in Poland MA in Sociology from The Nicolas Copernicus University.


Instagram: @honorata_artlysing

YouTube @Artlysing

Margaret Montgomery

Studio 14

Margaret has a BA(Hons) Degree in 3D Design.

Margaret uses a variety of techniques and materials, in her work. She enjoys the freedom to illustrate her ideas in different ways such as pencils pastel and line printing.

Margaret is influenced by abstract art. She is inspired to use abstraction for her work.

Fanoulla Georgiou

Studio 4

Fanoulla studied Fine Art, Practice and Theories at The University of Derby and graduated in 1998. She then continued to complete an M.A, a certificate in education (CTLLS) and run a studio. She is an associate member of The Society of Education and Training (SET)

She has been teaching art and design, at further and higher level for almost 25 years and has exhibited her own work in galleries across the UK, including Corby, Halifax, Derby and in London’s Barbican Centre.

Fanoulla is currently running classes at Rooftop Arts and holds regular workshops, in and around the Cory and Leicester areas, which focus on communities collaborating and working together, and bringing creative arts back into schools for all ages and abilities. Public art and social issues are also important to her, with hopes and aspirations to share her creative practice in public spaces, where diversity and equality can be celebrated. She strives to nurture people’s creative potential, and watch them grow as artists.

In terms of her own practice, she is a diverse visual artist; often turning to mixed media and photography to illustrate the concepts of space, existence and vision. She focuses on detailing and observation, by breaking down her subject matter; usually a location, into layers of image, text and colour. From her perspective, everything is viewed as temporary and is a creative exploration of the world she has suddenly found herself in.

Instagram @fanoulla_georgiou_art

Duncan Bond

Studio 17

Duncan is a painter drawing mainly of landscapes and the people that move amongst them. Having a figurative approach he paints directly from what he sees but also can develop compositions from drawings and photos when based in the studio. 

Born in Nottingham in 1958, Duncan left school with an “A” level in Art, however work took him into the world of agriculture both in the UK and in Sri Lanka. Many years after leaving school it was back to studying for a BTEC in design and that was followed by a BA in Fine Art at Sheffield Art College, now part of Sheffield Hallam University.

Duncan continued to paint in Sheffield, joining several group exhibitions, but ended up back in Sri Lanka working with the International Red Cross with activities linked to the protection of victims of conflict.

Having retired he now spends his time focusing on his art activities both here and in South Asia. 


FabbriArt/Tony Segal

Studio 9

Fabbri Art is a sanctuary for art enthusiasts seeking to explore the enchanting world of Impressionism through the medium of Pastels, watercolour & Pen and Ink. Tony’s unique approach to blending colors and textures creates mesmerizing artworks that speak to the soul.

Artist, Tony Segal, a graphic designer, video producer and ornithological photographer, has been painting for over 30 years and is pleased to submit his work here at The Rooftop Arts
Centre at Studio 9 on the 1st floor. Tony signs all his paintings as ‘Fabbri’, an inherited family name. Come along and check out some of his work, you may even get a coffee!



Peter Bullivant

Studio 11

We welcome Peter to the Rooftop 

A description of his art will soon appear here.

Denise Nadia Ciobanu

Studio 12

We welcome Denise to the Rooftop 

A description of her art will soon appear here.

Roy Green

Studio 16

Has been a professional photographer for over sixty years covering every avenue of still life photography, from photo journolisum to fashion, cars to oilfields, wildlife to architecture in many places around the world including thirty years in the Middle East.  He has now branched out into Dry point Etching with hand printing.

Much of Roy’s work in very diverse that creates interesting creations.