Venue hire

Venue features

The Rooftop Arts Centre is a creative venue located in Corby town centre. It features a choice of three gallery exhibition areas, two classrooms, and communal space.

The centre features 14 individual studios that are hired to local artists and creatives.

The venue is accessible with a lift and a service lift suitable for moving large materials. It is situated above the town centre allowing access to fantastic light.

Our venue hire options

Modern exhibition areas

Inspiring space for meetings

Space for dynamic workshops

Accessible space for events

Studios for artists

Venue booking enquiry form

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The gallery space

The gallery space is a large multi-purpose space, suitable for meetings, public events and workshops.


Its flexible layout and size makes it ideal for interactive and hands-on workshops and classes

Rate: £15 per hour

The exhibition areas

The exhibition areas are designed to accommodate variable show scales and can be adjusted to bring out the work details.  Please send in your proposal ideally three months in advance to avoid disappointment.

Monthly rates:

Gallery 1 £250
Gallery 2 £80
Foyer £60

Gallery 2 + Foyer £140
All spaces £375

Additional information regarding art exhibitions

Please note that the Arts Centre is available as a venue only. We are unable to provide any special equipment and we have limited volunteers, therefore, it is expected that you make arrangements to set up, take down and help to steward the exhibition during the time it is open. If you need any assistance please get in touch using the contact form and someone will give you advice on funding sources and any other information you may need to make your project a success.

Although the Arts Centre is open to the community and artists to use there will be a selection process to ensure that nothing deemed inappropriate or damaging to the reputation of the centre goes on display.

Once you have submitted your proposal someone from the Rooftop Arts Centre will get back to you as soon as possible.

It is advised that you enter your proposal a minimum of three months in advance if not even earlier as there is a first come first served policy and the team needs time to plan your event.

Full terms and conditions of your use of the space will be given to you once your proposal has been accepted and you will be asked to sign an agreement to ensure we do not end up with any unplanned empty spaces.

The gallery has Public Liability insurance but it cannot provide insurance for your exhibits. Please make sure to insure your exhibition as the gallery will take no responsibility for loss or damage to work on display.