Something Scary

Theatre 17 Presents


Written and Directed by Stephen Loveless

Friday 23rd November 7.30pm
Tickets £5 (+fee online) including Tea & Coffee

Tickets available online and at the Arts Centre

Online tickets available here

‘Listen you must believe everything I say….’

An archaeological excavation is destroyed when it becomes part of a sinkhole; falling into it is an archaeologist who lands in one piece at the bottom of a pit made by Britain’s largest earthquake back in 1931. In this depth lies the wreckage of a London Necropolis Railway company train that had been en-route with mourners and their dead for burial when it was lost into an earthquake fissure that closed up behind them entombing all until today.

While the archaeologist waits for rescue the voices of the dead talk to her and she hears of a Tram Ride with Aleister Crowley, known then as the wickedest man in the world, ending with the haunting of someone by a fearful ghost seeking his death.

For another, the taste of revenge against a vampire is not enough and she becomes obsessed with the corruption of its body. This led her to a poem by Edgar Allen Poe that predicted an unexpected terror she had to face beyond the vampire’s remains.

The archaeologist has her own tale of fashionable hats, a Café, a Werewolf and a bespoke coffee blend called ‘Wake me-I’m Dead’.

Will the archaeologist escape the pit with her sanity and life?

‘Come and find out if you dare…’